Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lady Bug Gift Sets...

A while back I made an Itty Bitty Pocket Diaper that was red with black snaps and my son named it "Lady Bug". I fell in love with that diaper and received many compliments about it. Several months later, I found this adorable red, white and black fabric that I knew needed to become friends with "Lady Bug"! (and the many offsping I have been creating all also named "Lady Bug"!) So I created a couple gift sets for friends that were expecting. The set below is "Lady Bug" with a pillow topped change pad and wetbag. "Lady Bug" also took along a wetbag and went to live with a very sweet mama and her Christmas Eve Blessing! My only regret, I didn't buy more of this fabric! I only have enough left for about two more sets.

Newborn Diapering...

First and foremost:

The past month or so has been busy with Christmas prep, family craziness, and trying to get some orders finished up as well. Now that my sweet hubby has revived our computer network and I can once again access my pictures and such, I will try to catch up on posts of all the new things I have been working on around here!

I finally completed an order for a wonderful (and patient) mama who is due with her 4th baby on the 8th of January. She has cloth diapered two of her children but this is the first baby she is planning to diaper right from newborn! Yay! She is keeping baby's gender a surprise, so we did up a dozen Newborn/Small pocket diapers. These diapers should fit approximately 6 - 15 lbs.

This set of one dozen pocket diapers is complete with a dozen zorb/bamboo inserts, 4 terry towel tri-folds that can be used as either insert doublers or large wipes, 4 two-layer microfiber doubler inserts, half a dozen fleece liners and one dozen bamboo velour/bamboo terry wipe-ups. (I forgot to take pictures of all the extras, oops!)
We also made a medium sized two-handle hanging diaper pail with matching change pad for her main floor bathroom.
And one more change pad. Both pads are constructed from an attractive cotton print outer, hidden waterproof PUL, hidden flannel for a little extra softness and absorbency, then topped with soft and cozy molten fleece.

Diapers! Bamboo Fitteds and some Itty Bitty's...

I have some requests for diapers and my own stash desperately needs a few new diapers as well. Some diapers flew out the door before I photographed them and some are all cut and still waiting to be sewn. But I do have a sampling of some of them here.

After getting a bit of feedback from my first round of tester fitteds that went out this summer, I have made a few modifications to the medium Quick Dry Fitted. I am working on another run of these squishy soft diapers. I have completed half a dozen, 3 for orders - 3 for my tiny princess! The elastics are a bit looser and softer than the first run, the soaker and doubler have been modified as well. The doubler is just up front, but it is a bit wider for more coverage. The soaker is now the same width at the front and back for better coverage as well.

Multi Owls and Pink/Lime Girly Ooga Booga Quick Dry Fitted Bamboo Diapers. I don't think you can see in this picture, but the brown snaps have adorable little owls engraved on them!
Inside of the Quick Dry Fitted. This picture shows the new and improved soaker and targeted doubler! Notice all snap caps are hidden so only soft velour is against your baby's delicate skin.
The first six improved fitted diapers all together.
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Now that I think I am ironing out my Medium Quick Dry Fitted pattern quite nicely, I decided to try out a couple Newborn fitted diapers! These two little diapers are not Quick Dry - they have a 3-4 layer hidden sewn-in soaker for quick and easy newborn changes. I did not make doublers for these as they have a total of 6-7 layers, which should be enough for the frequent changes a newborn baby requires. I did a front snapping closure with umbilical snap down and a side snapping closure diaper. The sizing on these should be about 6 - 16 pounds, but I still need to test them out a little to know for sure.

Here the two newborn diapers are pictured beside a medium Quick Dry Fitted.
Newborn front snapping and side snapping fitteds with sewn in soakers.
Inside of the front snapping newborn size diaper with umbilical snap down.
Inside of the side snapping fitted diaper. Notice all snap caps are hidden so only soft velour is against your baby's delicate skin.
And last but not least, some adorable side snapping Itty Bitty Pocket Diapers! These are just the smallest and most adorable little diapers. They fit from approximately 5 - 15 pounds. I had over a dozen of these, but sold all the girly ones and a few others, before I had time to photograph them. Oops! These diapers come with a new and improved, perfect fit, super thirsty insert.
Check for some of these to be listed soon on my instock page here or on my facebook page!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fabulous Fleece...

I recently worked with a wonderful mama on a partial trade. Elaine from Tata Tushies, created some beautiful knit longie sets for me and in turn, I created some soft and cuddly fleece longies, a diaper and some beach pants for her. I love doing trades! They are such fun as you get to indulge a bit in some items you may not have searched out and purchased otherwise.

First are my oringinal Ooga Booga Beach Pants, featuring two snap positions to secure roll in place, leg and bum pockets, embellished knee, and an adorable little Ooga peeking out of the back pocket.A spin off of the Ooga's - I now have Iced Giraffes Beach Pants! These are adorable and the colors really show off the giraffes in the fabric.Next is a pair of Steel Blue longies embellished with a little train on the leg. These longies feature my Grow-With-Me cuff for longer wear.And last is a cute set including my improved medium bamboo quick dry fitted with lay in soaker and an adorable pair of small Ooga Girl longies.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lots of fleece and a lonely pair of Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs...

I am wading through a pile of things I have cut and ready to sew! This week was a 'fleecey' kind of week...

First up is a custom order for a very sweet and patient mama! She needed a couple options for her little man for sleeping. She has tried one of the cotton boxer briefs for naps and decided to get one more since they are working well.
Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs in "Construction" print cotton!
She also wanted something with a lot more absorbency and protection for overnight. She decided to try a Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxer with a Beefed-Up insert. Here they are, in all steel-blue fleece. I hope they work well for you!
The rest of my Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxer for Girls order is now complete and have found their new home. Word has it there is a very happy 3 1/2 year old little girl that loves her new "Jammies".
Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxer for Girls in pink camo.
Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxer for Girls all in stripes.
This little fleece soaker turned out very cute! It is a size medium done in light pink with chocolate brown trim and an adorable cupcake on the bum.
These 4 coordinating soakers are all specially sized. These are half way between my Medium and Large sizes and it a wonderful fit.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A gift for a new little baby...

This "Chocolate Lime Gift Set" is done in beautiful shades of greens and browns. It includes a large wetbag, a wipes bag, 4 matching wipes, a waterproof change pad and two NB/Small pocket diapers with inserts.
Also included in this gift set is a large two handle hanging diaper pail.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ooga Booga Beach Pants, Dry Nights Girl Boxers and more!...

I was excited to get a couple orders for Ooga Booga Beach Pants! I have been wanting to make some more of these, but time has not allowed. These are so fun! As always, they feature a little Ooga peeking out the back pocket. I have also added two snap settings for even more ways to wear them. These Longies could possibly be the most versatile pants in your baby's closet! Ohhhh... and coming soon... Iced Giraffe Beach Pants! Stay tuned... there may be a pair of mediums hitting the instock page too!

Here are two Ooga Booga Beach Pants side by side - front and back views.
Here is another new item from the sewing room of A Lovely Start! Dry Nights Ditto Daddy GIRL Boxers! The boys aren't the only ones who get to snuggle down in soft comfy boxers anymore. The girl boxer feature two decorative snaps in front.

This pair is in a size 3T made with my new Fireworks! print fleece.
Inside the Dry Nights Ditto Daddy girl Boxers is a soft absorbent insert, topped with Bamboo Velour and backed with PUL.
A snuggly pair of 3T fall longies/ jammie pants in Mr. Hoppy print.
Soft and snuggly medium Autumn Patchwork longies with contrasting cuffs.
And last but not least... a few G-Diaper inserts. These also work great as a doubler inside a fitted for naps and nighttime, with a soft, stay-dry layer against the skin.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Custom Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs...

This set of 6 Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs are for a super sweet mama and her superstar little man. I believe he is just over a year old and has been doing really well with elimination control and potty learning! Maybe he could come and teach my now 3 year old Tool Boy some tricks of the trade!

These are all 100% cotton knit boxer briefs. The snap in liners are made from 2 layers bamboo fleece, topped with 1 layer of squishy soft bamboo velour.

Camo Ooga Booga 100% cotton interlock and snap in bamboo insert
All 6 pair Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs together.

Monday, September 14, 2009

This week's labours...

This week we returned from a beautiful weekend camping and prepared for a wonderfully fun 3rd birthday party for my sweet Tool Boy. But I did manage to squeeze in a few orders.

First up are 8 Bum Genius All-In-Ones and 1 Bum Genius One Size that were in need of a little TLC. Their tired velcro was replaced with some great snaps! I had lots if fun putting together some cute snap color combonations on these diapers.
This is an All Day size wetbag and zippered wipes pouch created for a sweet mama for daycare use.
I created a couple sets of tester inserts for G-diapers. These 3 inserts each have a different combination: Microfleece/microfiber/hemp, Microfleece/Zorb/hemp, bamboo fleece/bamboo fleece/bamboo velour.
I also started to create a wool-in-one for my little girl to use for nighttime. I used a nice thick sweater for the outer layer and a soft thinner merino wool sweater for the inner layer to combine for a bullet proof night solution. The only problem is, Tool Boy got ahold of it before I could finish it up and decided that it shoud be his. So the snap-in bamboo insert has been left out and it is now a wool snap wrap for my son. I will have to find a pick sweater to make one for Little Miss as Tool Boy will not let pink near him!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A gift set and some odds and ends...

I was pretty excited to cut into my Michael Miller "Rustic Guitars" fabric for this custom wetbag/change pad gift set. I started with the change pad and ended up with something wonderful, but when I went to work on the wetbag, I realized I had overdone it with the size of the change pad! The set is meant to have a wetbag with a pocket that neatly holds a change pad for when you are out and about. So I went back to the cutting mat and created a reversible change pad that was travel size - not home size!

I love how this set turned out! This picture shows the set opened up with the corner flipped to reveal the coordinating Rock'n'Roll fabric.
All packed up and ready to go! There is enough room left in the pocket to stuff a couple wipes as well.
And here is the first reversible change pad. It is pretty cute, though it has some slightly crooked stitching around the edge. Nothing that will effect performance though. Not sure yet if I am going to keep this one or post it in my Instock Items or make a set with it...hmmmmm
I had a mama purchase some Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers with Beefed-up inserts and doublers from me a little while back. She loves them and needed some more so she found some gently loved ones and scoped them up. The only problem was the inserts were not enough for her heavy night wetter. We came up with a Beefed-up doubler insert to work with her single snapping boxers. Hopefully these will keep her son leak-free and sleeping soundly!
And last but not least, a cute little fleece soaker for sweet mama!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Soft and Squishy Bamboo Diapers...

Quick Dry Fitted with Targeted Wetness Control
Update (March 7, 2010):  Testers have returned some great feedback!  Round 2 of these fabulous diapers has begun with a few going out already and a few in use in my stash.  The improvements have made these diapers the favorite in my fitted stash!  Check out the newest edition of the Quick Dry Fitted with Targeted Wetness Control in this post!
Over the past several months, I have had a number of requests for bamboo fitted diapers. I want to be sure the items I sell are items I believe in, have tried, and would use, so my two little monkeys became my testers once again! I worked on creating a diaper that took into account the things that are important to me: maximum absorbency where needed, reduce bum bulk, quick dry, and maximum stretch to improve fit. So was born the Quick Dry Fitted with Targeted Wetness Control!I prefer a sized diaper. I just can't do the one sized diaper on an itty bitty and I find that many one sized diapers I have tried, are no longer a good fit for my 30 pound three year old who is still in diapers. So I have come up with 3 sizes of fitteds: newborn/small, medium, and large. My medium diaper is the first one I am testing. I have been quite happy with the range of fit and I am looking forward to some testers with different sized babies to try this one. I estimate it to fit from about 15 - 27 pounds. These fit my 22 pound, 13 month old daughter with plenty of smaller settings and they also fit my skinny, 32 pound, 3 year old son on the biggest setting.
These diapers consist of a cotton knit outer layer and bamboo velour inner. The hidden layers differ: Style 1 is cotton rib which helps maximize stretch for a great fit. Style 2 has bamboo fleece as the hidden layer which increases the absorbency of the diaper body, but reduces stretch slightly and will have a slightly longer drying time. Both come with a full soaker and a targeted doubler - each made from 3-layers of bamboo (2 fleece and one velour). The targeted doubler is meant to fit under the full soaker in the spot you need it most - up front for boys, middle for girls. This reduces the extra padding in the bum area yet still offers great absorbency!
Tester Diapers are all spoken for and are hopefully getting some love in their new homes! I am anxiously awaiting feedback from my testers!

It's been a busy summer!

Summer has been busy this year! My precious daughter, Little Miss, turned 1 years old in July. She is a growing concern, that one! Especially as she is learning from and trying to keep up to her big brother, Tool Boy, who will be 3 years old in a couple weeks. The children, along with a traveling hubby, my yard, garden, and canning have kept me hopping, but I have still been able to get some sewing time in the evenings when the babes have been all tucked in! Here are a few of the custom orders and projects I have had on the go in the past couple weeks...

I made a couple more pairs of Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers for a really sweet mama. She has been using these for her oldest son for about 6 months now and has said they work great. I now have to get to completing some for her 3.5 year old daughter!
These adorable little recycled wool longies are posted in my Instock Items. They were just sitting on my desk begging to be completed! The medium weight wool on these is really nice.
This cute pair of Ditto Daddy Briefs with hidden PUL were made for a great mama for her daughter who is learning night control. She wanted 'panties' to wear with her nighties rather than boxers.
A dozen BGOS got a little rehab! Bye Bye Velcro, Hello Snaps! Have I mentioned, I love snaps! :)
A couple of fleece soakers for a very patient mama! I sure hope you like them!
These are some custom wool soakers. A cute little sock monkey bum and the other in great fall colors to go with the season!
Two more recycled wool soakers. My sweater stash is very much boyish colored right now with a few gender neutral selections in there. I am on the hunt this fall for a few more girly ones!
And last but by all means not least, a pair of cotton pajama pants with dump trucks and cement mixers for Tool Boy! My children are in desperate need of some Fall/Winter items, so I will be sneaking those in where I can!