Friday, October 23, 2009

A gift for a new little baby...

This "Chocolate Lime Gift Set" is done in beautiful shades of greens and browns. It includes a large wetbag, a wipes bag, 4 matching wipes, a waterproof change pad and two NB/Small pocket diapers with inserts.
Also included in this gift set is a large two handle hanging diaper pail.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ooga Booga Beach Pants, Dry Nights Girl Boxers and more!...

I was excited to get a couple orders for Ooga Booga Beach Pants! I have been wanting to make some more of these, but time has not allowed. These are so fun! As always, they feature a little Ooga peeking out the back pocket. I have also added two snap settings for even more ways to wear them. These Longies could possibly be the most versatile pants in your baby's closet! Ohhhh... and coming soon... Iced Giraffe Beach Pants! Stay tuned... there may be a pair of mediums hitting the instock page too!

Here are two Ooga Booga Beach Pants side by side - front and back views.
Here is another new item from the sewing room of A Lovely Start! Dry Nights Ditto Daddy GIRL Boxers! The boys aren't the only ones who get to snuggle down in soft comfy boxers anymore. The girl boxer feature two decorative snaps in front.

This pair is in a size 3T made with my new Fireworks! print fleece.
Inside the Dry Nights Ditto Daddy girl Boxers is a soft absorbent insert, topped with Bamboo Velour and backed with PUL.
A snuggly pair of 3T fall longies/ jammie pants in Mr. Hoppy print.
Soft and snuggly medium Autumn Patchwork longies with contrasting cuffs.
And last but not least... a few G-Diaper inserts. These also work great as a doubler inside a fitted for naps and nighttime, with a soft, stay-dry layer against the skin.