Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few more Ditto Daddy Trainers!

Some pictures of a few more Ditto Daddy Briefs with a hidden layer of PUL.
These next two pair are the same Ditto Daddy style, just with out the mock-fly decoration in the front. (I need to take my pictures in the daytime when I have some natural light!)
The inside of the briefs lined with soft bamboo. The flash makes the natural bamboo look yellow, but it is really a nice natural color.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recycled Wool and PUL Diaper Covers

The first three pictures are all wares made from the same pink wool sweater. I have a little more left and will add a picture when complete!
Small cuffable wool longies.
This cute little pull on soaker has a drawstring waist that ties up at the side.
Wool Snap-Wrap Diaper Cover. The body of this cover is lined with soft merino to add an extra layer of wetness protection while still having only one layer at the waist for a trimmer fit.

This one is a Candy Pink PUL Snap-Wrap diaper cover.

Some more Ditto Daddy Trainers!

I just love how these turned out! The first three pair have a hidden layer of PUL and are lined with soft bamboo to hug your little one in comfort!

Ooga Booga Blue with Navy trim and waistband
Iced Giraffes with Chocolate trim
Rusty Leaves with Chocolate trim
Girl Trimmed Boxer Briefs

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A bunch of new Ditto Daddy Trainers...

Recently, I have been working on is a bunch of orders for Ditto Daddy trainers in many different styles. Here are a few of the completed ones.

Fleece Boxer Briefs with girl detailing instead of the mock-fly.
Two pair of cotton Boy Boxer Briefs.
Two pair of Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers to wear for night time accidents. These are made in all fleece and have an extra set of inserts for each. They are a bit bulky but will be worn as P.J.'s so it will be fine.
This shows the inside of the Boxer. There is a separate trainer inside to give two layers of protection from leaks.
Two pair fleece Briefs. The fly detailing would make these a little to bulky to wear under clothes but when kept plain, they are trim enough to slip a loose fitting pair of pants or short over.
The lighting on the next two pictures are terrible! I did not get better shots before they went out.
The polkadot Briefs with white trim are all cotton. The other three pair are made with a hidden layer of PUL and inner layer of soft bamboo.
This picture show the Briefs with the Fleece Briefs to show how far the coloring is off in this picture! Also the inserts pictured on the left have an extra wide bum to capture messier messes.