Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Mama Please can I have a Hacksaw bum!" Recycled Wool Soakers....

So what do you do with those old misshapen wool sweaters collecting dust in your closet? Make diaper covers, of course!
Tool Boy wanted a "Hacksaw Bum" soaker and since he asked so sweetly, well who could say no...
After that, I had to make Little Miss one too. Tool Boy calls this one "Flower Bum"...

And I had to make some Valentine's Longie Tights for Little Miss, or as Tool Boy calls them, "Heart Bum" Pants...

Shorties! Shorties! Shorties!

I've been doing some custom shorties for a sweet mama. These are all made of fleece and are used as a diaper cover. She is using them for night time over fitted diapers. These are large or about a size 2. They are so fun to do and I found a bunch of cute prints the other day. The prints have a sewn in 'diaper hammock' to give a little extra wetness protection.

Customs for a Sweet Mama!

I had the privilege to meet a super sweet cloth diapering mama in my area. I did some projects for her in return for a few things! Trades are so fun.Mamas helping each other out, sharing their talents and in the end, you both end up with wonderful and useful stuff!

I converted some Little g-pants to have snap closures. She didn't care for the velcro they originally had and I think she really likes the snaps now.
A pair of super thick night time longies for her little man.

Some fleece soakers for her kiddos!

And a recycled wool soaker made from an old sweater.

In return I got some wonderful wool balls for use in my dryer, a fantastic boutique fitted diaper and THESE! She knitted up these adorable wool longies for Tool Boy!

About the Mama...

Hi! I am Michelle, a SAHM (stay at home mom) of two sweet babies. My son, AKA Tool Boy, is 2.5 years old and my daughter, AKA Little Miss, is 7 months old. I have always been a 'crafty' person and have enjoyed sewing, scrap booking, card making, and all sorts of crafty things. My new passion is diaper making!
I began cloth diapering my son at about one year old when we couldn't find a solution to keep him dry at night. Soon after I caught the cloth diaper bug and was full time cloth diapering him. I started buying supplies and making some diapers and accessories for him as well. Well soon his diaper drawer was full, so I was delighted when my daughter came along to start sewing for! I made her complete newborn stash. It was so fun.
So now that I have a bit more time, I love sewing for other mama's too. If someone told me 10 years ago that I would be cloth diapering my kids and loving it, I would have thought they were crazy! But here I am. lol And it is cute and fun and a creative outlet...

Welcome to A Lovely Start!

Welcome to my blog featuring my new baby: A Lovely Start!

I believe all babies should have a Lovely Start to a Beautiful Life! What better way then to put some soft cute cloth diapers on their tiny bum and include some fabulous accessories for Baby and Mom!

I custom make many many cloth diapering items. Have a look around my site and see if anything catches your eye! Then just send me an email to get started on your custom order! I also have a few instock items ready for purchase.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often!


Instock Items!

If you see something you like here, send me an email: and we can work out the details for a purchase!

You can check out my Hyena Cart Store for instock items or feel free to view the photos on my Facebook Page for some of my current instock items!  I also have some LWI dyed OBV blankets pictured here! (You can view the photos without having to be a member of Facebook.  If you see something you like, just email me!) 

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ditto Daddy Trainers - Information and Pricing

Ditto Daddytm Trainers - Adorable just got Practical!

Ready to get your little one in some Ditto Daddy Trainers!
For more information or to purchase, send an email request!

These adorable trainers are constructed to look just like big kid or even adult underwear. They give your potty learner the incentive to stay dry and feel grown up.
All trainers feature a snap-in insert. For small accidents, the insert may just need to be changed. Inserts can be backed with PUL for a little water resistance.
All styles are designed to be made with stretchy cotton knits. Fleece also works well for most styles. It adds bulk but offers a little water resistance.
All styles are available in sizes: 12 months/18 months/2T/3T/4/5/6/7/8 They are said to fit true to average size - I find the briefs fit a bit small. Measurements of the Waist and Thigh are recommended to ensure a better fit. It is important for trainers to fit snug in order to reduce the chances of leaking.

All trainers include 1 bamboo snap-in insert backed with PUL

Boxer Briefs - cotton knit $18 (comes with regular insert)

(comes with trim insert)
Double Layer - cotton knit outer / bamboo inner $19

Fleece Night and Nap Briefs or Boxer Brief - $20 (comes with regular insert)

Dry Nights Boxers - $24 (All Fleece) Includes 1 beefed-up  insert
Add $3 for optional snap on Doubler

Additional Inserts: (see picture and descriptions at bottom of page)
Beefed-up insert  $10
Regular Insert $8 
Trim Insert $6

Ditto Daddytm Trainers come in the following styles:

Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers are a good option for overnight, especially for older childern. They are generously sized and sewn in all fleece for a soft feel with two layers of dryness protection. They come with your choice of a "Beefed-up" insert or a standard insert. For heavy nighttime wetness, there are optional PUL backed inserts and/or a second row of snaps for a double insert.
(pictured are Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers for boys in all fleece with double inserts for heavy nighttime wetting) (pictured are Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers for girls in all fleece with a regular insert)
Boy Boxer Briefs Super cute with a mock fly to look just like Daddy! (pictured are boy boxer fleece with a beefed-up insert and one in cotton knit)
Girl Boxer Briefs Just like the Boy Boxers but with a snap or button front rather than a mock fly. (pictured is a girl boxer brief in cotton)
Briefs (for boys or girls) Like a pantie or a brief. The snug fit is great for preventing leaks.
(pictured are the inside and outside of briefs in cotton knit and inner Bamboo)
Ditto Daddy,Trainers
Pictured: two pair of plain fleece Ditto Daddy Briefs.
Insert Snap-In inserts are made from soft and thirsty Bamboo Fleece and/or Bamboo Terry and topped with Bamboo velour. They have stitched "ditches" to help keep liquids on the pad and not running off. They can be backed with a layer of PUL for a little water resistance. I do have some other options for soaker fabric if you are looking for something else.
Pictured left to right: Beefed-Up Dry Nights Insert, Regular Insert, Trim Insert

Products and Prices...

Here is an idea of the items I can do and prices for them. If you don't see an item listed that you are looking for, just ask! I have a great imagination too, so we can hopefully come up with exactly the item you just can't find anywhere!

For more information, questions, or to place an order, please send me an email!

Items are all custom made. You pick the options, size, fabric, colors, ect...
I may have some things in stock and ready to go as well. Check my Instock Items!

Ditto Daddy Trainer information and prices: Here

All wetbags have a cotton outer layer and waterproof PUL inner layer. They have zipper closure and a sewn on handle.

Wipes Bag = $10 (approx 9" x 6")
Basic Small = $15 (approx 9.5"x11")
Basic Medium = $17 (approx 11.5"x13")
Basic Large = $19 (approx 12.5"x15")
All Day Bag = $22 (approx 14"x20") with snapping handle
Two handle Hanging Diaper pail = $30 (approx 20"x25" with 5" gusset)

Add a snapping handle or close loop handle by request for no additional charge.

Pail Liners: $17
Pail liners are made from PUL with white FOE (fold over elastic) around the top edge. They feature a sewn in cotton patch to add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil or other essential oils.

Looking for a special size wetbag or pail liner? No problem! Just ask and we can work out a price.

Soakers - NB - XL $10
Longies - NB - M $15 L - XL $17
Shorties - NB -M $12 L - XL $14

Soakers include an extra layer in the wet zone
Add a "Diaper Hammock" to any longies or shorties = $2
Add an embellishment = please inquire, pricing based on design
Add 'grow-with-me' cuffs (longies)= $2

Recycled Wool:
Prices and availability will vary.
Soakers range $9-$15
Longies/Shorties range $12-$20
Ask if you are looking for something in particular and I will see what I can do.

G-Diaper Snap Conversions:
Remove velcro on little g-pants and replace with polyresin snaps.
Each diaper will have 3 snap settings.
$2.50 each

BGOS Snap Conversions (and other OS Pocket Style diapers):
1 row of snaps $4.00
2 rows of snaps $5.00
Velcro removed beforehand, save $1/diaper

flannel/specialty fabric

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fabric Choices for Customs

Cotton Prints (outer shell for wetbags, backing for change pads and floor pads)
1. a) "Floral Earth"
b) "Bohemian" lemon-lime
c) "Burst"
2. (limited quantities of these three)
a) "Pillow Fight" by Michael Miller (enough for 1 any size basic wetbag max size 13" x 20")
b) "Butterfly Frenzy" (sorry all gone!)
c) "Lotus" by Michael Miller (enough for 1 large basic wetbag approx 12" x 15")
3. a) "Bohemian" pink
b) "Women's Heart Health" advocacy print (limited quantity)
c) Pink and brown paw prints (limited quantity)
4. a)"Dandy Damask" by Michael Miller
b) "Pop" on neutral (also available "Pop" on black)
c) "Chocolate Fantasy"
5. a) "Flower Fuzzies"
b) "Rustic Guitar" by Michael Miller
6. a) "Treasure Hunt"
b) Puppies and Paw Prints
4. a)"Rustic Stripes"
b) "Chocolate Splatter"
c) "Spring Wash"
4. a)"Bubbles" pink and orange
b) "Bubbles" blue and lime (Out of Stock)
c) "Baby Owls" pink
9. a) Pink and Brown
b) Lime and Brown
10. Batiks

Knits Prints: (Fabric choices for Ditto Daddy Trainers and Boxers)
Boyish Prints (clockwise from top left)
Dinosaurs, Rockets and Choppers, Hawaii Tiki, On The Go, Fighter Jets, Blue Camo with Flowers
Blue Camo choppers, green camo (limited quantity)
Tree frogs, camo geckos, construction
Girly Prints:
Jungle Girl, royalty, starburst, polka dots
fairy princess, polka-dots, funky flowers (out of stock)
Gender Neutral Prints: Rusty Leaves, Pale Olive checks

Solid colors - These are just a sample of the solids I have available. I now have most colors you request.
1. orange, red, black
2. light pink, candy pink, magenta, orchid
3. chocolate, beige, light tan, cream
4. navy, light blue, true blue, steel blue
5. celery, dark hunter green, dark olive green
Prints: Those with (limited quantity) would work for a soaker or other small project. Those with (very limited quantity) would work for embellishments or possibly a new born soaker.

1. pink ribbons, pink camo, rainbow hearts on teal, candy stripes
2. Mr. Hoppy, dark camo(limited quantity), flames (very limited quantity), jungle dinos (limited quantity), light camo (limited quantity)
3. pink/purple stripes, pink camo
4. Soft stripes, 'sweet baby'
5. a) "back to school"
b) jungle babies6. a) elephants on blue
b) checkerboard teddies
7. a) Fireworks!
b) Leopard Spots
c) Fishy Fishy
8. a) green/black camo
b) Autumn Patchwork
c) blue camo
9. a) Hotrods on Blue
b) Lizards on Black
c) Hotrods on Blue
d) Skulls orange/yellow/black

10. a) flowers and hearts on black
b) transportation
c) lizards
d) princess (Out of stock)
11. a) scribble cows
b) flowers and hearts on blue

Clockwise from black:
black, ocean, orange, red, navy, celery, royal blue, ivory
Clockwise from top left: Light Brown, Chocolate, Kelly Green, Celery, Bubblegum Pink, Light Pink, Navy , Ocean, Ivory