Saturday, January 31, 2009

Customs for a Sweet Mama!

I had the privilege to meet a super sweet cloth diapering mama in my area. I did some projects for her in return for a few things! Trades are so fun.Mamas helping each other out, sharing their talents and in the end, you both end up with wonderful and useful stuff!

I converted some Little g-pants to have snap closures. She didn't care for the velcro they originally had and I think she really likes the snaps now.
A pair of super thick night time longies for her little man.

Some fleece soakers for her kiddos!

And a recycled wool soaker made from an old sweater.

In return I got some wonderful wool balls for use in my dryer, a fantastic boutique fitted diaper and THESE! She knitted up these adorable wool longies for Tool Boy!

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  1. Having a terrible time trying to post a comment!

    Great job of converting her Little G Pants to snaps! I may have to hire you to do that, too :o) I also need a couple of pairs of little fleece pants for G to wear underneath his Bamboozles at night. His Fuzzi Bunz no longer work for him: they fall down. I'm thinking that a fleece layer, then a bamboozle, then a LoveyBums wool cover is the way to go.

    We can discuss it over coffee (or beer) . . . some time soon I hope (going a little crazy here).