Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Lovely Custom for A Lovely Mama!

I had such fun creating this wonderful custom order.  I had just received this pink pony print and couldn't wait to turn it into something lovely.  It soon became two squishy Quick Dry Bamboo Fitted Diapers with extra microfleece-topped nighttime doubler.
PhotobucketThe inside of the diaper and the nighttime doublers.
PhotobucketNext I created two fleece soakers to put over those sweet little diapers to keep this little one dry all night long! One soaker was created to match the pony themed fabric and the other is one of my faves, a cupcake bum!
PhotobucketThe matching diaper and soaker!
PhotobucketDitto Daddy Night Trainers, too!
Well, we couldn't leave out big brother! He needed some new nighttime trainers to keep his sheets dry. We are trying a couple options here. A two layer brief coupled with a beefed up insert backed with PUL for extra protection, should be a great combo to keep wetness contained. We are also trying a fleece boxer brief with a regular PUL backed insert, as well as a non-PUL insert. It was important to incorporate some orange into these for this little guy, so the snaps are all orange, PUL is orange, and the brief is lined with orange. And what boy can resist some fast cars with orange flames coming out the back!