Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a Snap! Some BumGenius Snap Conversions...

I just finished up a bunch of snap conversions for some terrific local mamas!  I ordered in some of the BumGenius matching snaps for these and have decided I do really like the look.  I typically like contrasting colors more than matching, so I am glad one mama let me do a few with a bit of contrast.

One dozen freshly converted BGOS all in the "new" bright colors with perfectly matched snaps.  They are so pretty!
17 BGOS original colors - 14 with perfectly matched snaps, and 3 with a little contrast!  I also added a snap to the top of each of the "newborn' inserts.  This mama uses her NB inserts as doublers and is tired of reaching into the wet diaper pocket to fish it out.  Now she can simply snap it to the regular insert and they will pull out together!  Great idea mama!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two-Handle Hanging Diaper Pails and a wetbag...

This custom order consists of 2 two-handle hanging diaper pails and a matching large wetbag.  I think these are going to be baby gifts for a couple lucky mamas!

These diaper pails are fantastic!  They save on space - hang them from a change table in the nursery or a towel bar in the bathroom.  The inner waterproof PUL layer is sewn completely separate from the outer decorative cotton layer layer to prevent moisture wicking out of the bag.  The two-handle design keeps them hanging neatly and puts less stress on the fabric for a long life.

Here is the entire order together.  I think this is the only picture you can really see the handles.  they are a pretty chocolate brown, but I had trouble getting them to show up in the dark background in the other photos.
Front view of a two-handle hanging diaper pail.

Side view of a two-handle hanging diaper pail to show the gusset (flat bottom).

Large basic wetbag with loop handle.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Girly Ditto Daddy Dry Nights Briefs...

This set of Dry Nights Briefs has been created for a little girl to give her some nighttime confidence!  These size 4 briefs feature a mock-fly which gives the wet zone of the briefs a double layer of fleece for extra protection.  They come with a beefed up insert backed with PUL and a snap on doubler.  When used together that is 7 layers of absorbent bamboo to keep the sheets dry at night!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Adorable Stash of Girly Ditto Daddy Briefs...

I tend to do a lot of Ditto Daddy Trainers for boys, so I have been thrilled to be working lately on some girly trainers.  This is a stash of trainers for a petite little girl.  The leg and waist measurements of this little girl would make finding stocked trainers a little difficult.  This stash should take her through the different stages of potty learning and keep her covered day and night.  I hope she enjoys wearing these as much as I enjoyed sewing them!

All 12 girly Ditto Daddy Briefs hanging out together!
Ditto Daddy,TrainersThese are just adorable! Trendy 100% cotton print outer layer with an
inner layer of soft bamboo make these trainers absorbent even without
the insert!  Your little one can wear these as underwear after they
have gained more potty confidence.  Each trainer is equipped with one
standard snap-in bamboo insert backed with waterproof PUL.
Ditto Daddy,TrainersClose up of the sweet little mock-fly that make these trainers so popular!
Ditto Daddy,TrainersInside of a Ditto Daddy brief lined with soft bamboo.  Notice the trainer has no inner side seams or leg seams to cause irritation. The inner "knap-flap" that the insert snaps onto is sewn in separately to allow the insert to stretch and adjust for the perfect fit!
Ditto Daddy,TrainersThese four pair of trainers are made from soft cozy fleece and include a beefed-up snap-in insert.  These are great for early daytime learning, outings, and for light to medium coverage for overnight.
Ditto Daddy,TrainersTwo Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Briefs.  These are sewn with 2 full layers of fleece to keep wetness contained.  Each includes 1 beefed-up insert with doubler.  Inserts are made from bamboo fleece and topped with silky bamboo velour and then backed with a layer of PUL.  There is a total of 7 layers of bamboo to keep this little one dry all night!
Ditto Daddy,TrainersThree extra snap-in inserts made from 2 layers of bamboo fleece topped with silky bamboo velour.  These thinner, lightweight inserts have no backing and will be great as a 'reassurance' once little one has gained some confidence with her potty learning.
Ditto Daddy,TrainersTwo fleece soaker to use over the cotton trainers in the very early stages to keep wetness in.