Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a Snap! Some BumGenius Snap Conversions...

I just finished up a bunch of snap conversions for some terrific local mamas!  I ordered in some of the BumGenius matching snaps for these and have decided I do really like the look.  I typically like contrasting colors more than matching, so I am glad one mama let me do a few with a bit of contrast.

One dozen freshly converted BGOS all in the "new" bright colors with perfectly matched snaps.  They are so pretty!
17 BGOS original colors - 14 with perfectly matched snaps, and 3 with a little contrast!  I also added a snap to the top of each of the "newborn' inserts.  This mama uses her NB inserts as doublers and is tired of reaching into the wet diaper pocket to fish it out.  Now she can simply snap it to the regular insert and they will pull out together!  Great idea mama!

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