Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two-Handle Hanging Diaper Pails and a wetbag...

This custom order consists of 2 two-handle hanging diaper pails and a matching large wetbag.  I think these are going to be baby gifts for a couple lucky mamas!

These diaper pails are fantastic!  They save on space - hang them from a change table in the nursery or a towel bar in the bathroom.  The inner waterproof PUL layer is sewn completely separate from the outer decorative cotton layer layer to prevent moisture wicking out of the bag.  The two-handle design keeps them hanging neatly and puts less stress on the fabric for a long life.

Here is the entire order together.  I think this is the only picture you can really see the handles.  they are a pretty chocolate brown, but I had trouble getting them to show up in the dark background in the other photos.
Front view of a two-handle hanging diaper pail.

Side view of a two-handle hanging diaper pail to show the gusset (flat bottom).

Large basic wetbag with loop handle.

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