Friday, January 30, 2009

Products and Prices...

Here is an idea of the items I can do and prices for them. If you don't see an item listed that you are looking for, just ask! I have a great imagination too, so we can hopefully come up with exactly the item you just can't find anywhere!

For more information, questions, or to place an order, please send me an email!

Items are all custom made. You pick the options, size, fabric, colors, ect...
I may have some things in stock and ready to go as well. Check my Instock Items!

Ditto Daddy Trainer information and prices: Here

All wetbags have a cotton outer layer and waterproof PUL inner layer. They have zipper closure and a sewn on handle.

Wipes Bag = $10 (approx 9" x 6")
Basic Small = $15 (approx 9.5"x11")
Basic Medium = $17 (approx 11.5"x13")
Basic Large = $19 (approx 12.5"x15")
All Day Bag = $22 (approx 14"x20") with snapping handle
Two handle Hanging Diaper pail = $30 (approx 20"x25" with 5" gusset)

Add a snapping handle or close loop handle by request for no additional charge.

Pail Liners: $17
Pail liners are made from PUL with white FOE (fold over elastic) around the top edge. They feature a sewn in cotton patch to add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil or other essential oils.

Looking for a special size wetbag or pail liner? No problem! Just ask and we can work out a price.

Soakers - NB - XL $10
Longies - NB - M $15 L - XL $17
Shorties - NB -M $12 L - XL $14

Soakers include an extra layer in the wet zone
Add a "Diaper Hammock" to any longies or shorties = $2
Add an embellishment = please inquire, pricing based on design
Add 'grow-with-me' cuffs (longies)= $2

Recycled Wool:
Prices and availability will vary.
Soakers range $9-$15
Longies/Shorties range $12-$20
Ask if you are looking for something in particular and I will see what I can do.

G-Diaper Snap Conversions:
Remove velcro on little g-pants and replace with polyresin snaps.
Each diaper will have 3 snap settings.
$2.50 each

BGOS Snap Conversions (and other OS Pocket Style diapers):
1 row of snaps $4.00
2 rows of snaps $5.00
Velcro removed beforehand, save $1/diaper

flannel/specialty fabric

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