Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fabric Choices for Customs

Cotton Prints (outer shell for wetbags, backing for change pads and floor pads)
1. a) "Floral Earth"
b) "Bohemian" lemon-lime
c) "Burst"
2. (limited quantities of these three)
a) "Pillow Fight" by Michael Miller (enough for 1 any size basic wetbag max size 13" x 20")
b) "Butterfly Frenzy" (sorry all gone!)
c) "Lotus" by Michael Miller (enough for 1 large basic wetbag approx 12" x 15")
3. a) "Bohemian" pink
b) "Women's Heart Health" advocacy print (limited quantity)
c) Pink and brown paw prints (limited quantity)
4. a)"Dandy Damask" by Michael Miller
b) "Pop" on neutral (also available "Pop" on black)
c) "Chocolate Fantasy"
5. a) "Flower Fuzzies"
b) "Rustic Guitar" by Michael Miller
6. a) "Treasure Hunt"
b) Puppies and Paw Prints
4. a)"Rustic Stripes"
b) "Chocolate Splatter"
c) "Spring Wash"
4. a)"Bubbles" pink and orange
b) "Bubbles" blue and lime (Out of Stock)
c) "Baby Owls" pink
9. a) Pink and Brown
b) Lime and Brown
10. Batiks

Knits Prints: (Fabric choices for Ditto Daddy Trainers and Boxers)
Boyish Prints (clockwise from top left)
Dinosaurs, Rockets and Choppers, Hawaii Tiki, On The Go, Fighter Jets, Blue Camo with Flowers
Blue Camo choppers, green camo (limited quantity)
Tree frogs, camo geckos, construction
Girly Prints:
Jungle Girl, royalty, starburst, polka dots
fairy princess, polka-dots, funky flowers (out of stock)
Gender Neutral Prints: Rusty Leaves, Pale Olive checks

Solid colors - These are just a sample of the solids I have available. I now have most colors you request.
1. orange, red, black
2. light pink, candy pink, magenta, orchid
3. chocolate, beige, light tan, cream
4. navy, light blue, true blue, steel blue
5. celery, dark hunter green, dark olive green
Prints: Those with (limited quantity) would work for a soaker or other small project. Those with (very limited quantity) would work for embellishments or possibly a new born soaker.

1. pink ribbons, pink camo, rainbow hearts on teal, candy stripes
2. Mr. Hoppy, dark camo(limited quantity), flames (very limited quantity), jungle dinos (limited quantity), light camo (limited quantity)
3. pink/purple stripes, pink camo
4. Soft stripes, 'sweet baby'
5. a) "back to school"
b) jungle babies6. a) elephants on blue
b) checkerboard teddies
7. a) Fireworks!
b) Leopard Spots
c) Fishy Fishy
8. a) green/black camo
b) Autumn Patchwork
c) blue camo
9. a) Hotrods on Blue
b) Lizards on Black
c) Hotrods on Blue
d) Skulls orange/yellow/black

10. a) flowers and hearts on black
b) transportation
c) lizards
d) princess (Out of stock)
11. a) scribble cows
b) flowers and hearts on blue

Clockwise from black:
black, ocean, orange, red, navy, celery, royal blue, ivory
Clockwise from top left: Light Brown, Chocolate, Kelly Green, Celery, Bubblegum Pink, Light Pink, Navy , Ocean, Ivory

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