Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fantastic Summer Fleece...

Some new super cute custom shorties and sets for this summer for a great mama! All these fleece shorties have lightly elasticized waists and a diaper hammock.

I really love how these rainbow shorties came out...complete with fluffy minky clouds! Yum!

Yo Gabba Gabba Watermelon Brobee set!
This set includes Gaucho-Style Shorties, embellished T-shirt and cute little leather-soled slippers!
Broobee Bum!
One more Brobee shot!
VW Buses Shorties set!
Better lighting on just the Shorties.
A pair of Brown on Brown Shorties.
Pink on Pink Shorties.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fleece and Wool in summer? Why of course!

I hear it all the time since I have started using cloth and sewing my wears... "Isn't it hot for your little ones to wear fleece and wool in the summer?" No way! It is cooler on their little tush then a 'sposie or a PUL pocket or PUL cover as well.

This was on The Diaper Pin a couple years ago and I found it quite interesting. I no longer have a link to the original post, but I had saved a copy and just wanted to share. A mom with a teen did this science experiment (Temperatures in Fahrenheit):

Cloth diaper Temperatures:
4 days in a row the afternoon temp reach almost 90*, each day we tried different diapering combos. Here are his results:
After 15 minutes outside, temp inside the diaper:

Disposables 102.5*
FuziBunz 101.5*
Fleece pocket 100*
fitted with fleece shorts 98.5*
pinned prefold with fleece shorts 97*
fitted with wool shorts 96*
pinned prefold with wool shorts 95.5*
just a fitted 95*
just a pinned prefold 94*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Gift Set...

I was asked to come up with a gift set for a cloth diapering mama. I enjoyed this project as I would have loved some cloth diaper friendly gifts when my second baby came around. I stuck to fun and funky earthy colors as the gender of baby is a surprise.
This set consists of 1 small basic wetbag, 1 change pad - cotton backed and bamboo topped with hidden layer of PUL, 1 small side snapping pocket diaper with a 4 layer bamboo insert, and 3 small bamboo terry/bamboo velour wipe-ups. This gift set could easily be switched up for a non-cloth using mama as well. Switch the wipe-ups and diaper out for a bib and burp cloth. I think a wetbag would be loved by both cloth and non-cloth mamas. Soiled clothing, messy burp cloths and dirty bibs can really muck up a diaper bag!

Recent Ditto Daddy Trainers...

I had a request for some Ditto Daddy Girl Trainers with a hidden layer of PUL. The PUL took away some of the stretch the knit offers so the sizing needed to be adjusted. So here are her two trainers along with two slightly smaller trainers that will be up for grabs on my instock page!
These have a cute cotton knit outer layer, hidden PUL layer, and are fully lined with with smooth, soft bamboo. They have a snap in soaker that consists of two layers of bamboo fleece topped with yummy bamboo velour!
Flipped inside out!
A pair of cotton rib knit Ditto Daddy Boy Briefs with a bamboo snap-in soaker.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back at it ...(with some Ditto Daddy Briefs)... after a Wonderful Easter break!

I am back in the sewing room after spending an extended Easter weekend relaxing with my family. While the break was nice, I am now trying to get caught up on orders! I think this is a good time to thank my customers for there wonderful patience. Each and every one of you have been a pleasure to work with! Thank You!

I have a few custom orders for trainers on the go right now which I am hoping to have all complete very very soon! Here is the first complete order...

Two pair of fleece and two pair of cotton Ditto Daddy Boy Briefs. Each trainer comes with one snap-in insert made from wonderful Bamboo fabrics. Two of the inserts are backed with PUL for added water resistance with the cotton trainers. My improved inserts have stitching down the center that create channels to help keep the liquid on the insert where it belongs!
Here are the two fleece pair with their inserts.
And the two cotton knit pair. "On the Go" is a jersey knit and the "Tree Frogs" is a rib knit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Custom Wetbags and Pail liners...

This week has been Wetbag Week! I have several custom orders on the go and I fell into a groove making the wetbag portion of my customs.

This bag is a solution for daycare and g-diapers. This mama wanted to be able to keep the insert separate from the cover in a clear way for her child's caregivers to use. So we came up with this Double Wet/Wet bag. This bag features two sides that snap together at the top. Both sides are lined with PUL and have zipper closures. The zippers are done in different colors with a label attached to the zipper pull to give a clear visual of what is to go in each side.
Next up is a Grab n' Go Wet/Dry bag. I had two orders for this identical bag, so here they are together. One side is lined with PUL and has a zipper closure while the other side has cotton lining and snap closure. Each of these bags comes with a little snap closure pouch for an extra snappi, pins paci, or any other small item that often gets lost at the bottom of the bag!
This is a basic medium wetbag in Michael Miller's "Lotus" print.
And last up are three pail liners. The ocean colored one is taken of the inside showing the cotton patch for adding TTO or lavender oil to mask any unwanted smells. The pail liners go in the pail with the shiny PUL side out.