Friday, April 24, 2009

Fleece and Wool in summer? Why of course!

I hear it all the time since I have started using cloth and sewing my wears... "Isn't it hot for your little ones to wear fleece and wool in the summer?" No way! It is cooler on their little tush then a 'sposie or a PUL pocket or PUL cover as well.

This was on The Diaper Pin a couple years ago and I found it quite interesting. I no longer have a link to the original post, but I had saved a copy and just wanted to share. A mom with a teen did this science experiment (Temperatures in Fahrenheit):

Cloth diaper Temperatures:
4 days in a row the afternoon temp reach almost 90*, each day we tried different diapering combos. Here are his results:
After 15 minutes outside, temp inside the diaper:

Disposables 102.5*
FuziBunz 101.5*
Fleece pocket 100*
fitted with fleece shorts 98.5*
pinned prefold with fleece shorts 97*
fitted with wool shorts 96*
pinned prefold with wool shorts 95.5*
just a fitted 95*
just a pinned prefold 94*

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  1. Thanks for posting this! This is really good info to have :)