Friday, April 3, 2009

Custom Wetbags and Pail liners...

This week has been Wetbag Week! I have several custom orders on the go and I fell into a groove making the wetbag portion of my customs.

This bag is a solution for daycare and g-diapers. This mama wanted to be able to keep the insert separate from the cover in a clear way for her child's caregivers to use. So we came up with this Double Wet/Wet bag. This bag features two sides that snap together at the top. Both sides are lined with PUL and have zipper closures. The zippers are done in different colors with a label attached to the zipper pull to give a clear visual of what is to go in each side.
Next up is a Grab n' Go Wet/Dry bag. I had two orders for this identical bag, so here they are together. One side is lined with PUL and has a zipper closure while the other side has cotton lining and snap closure. Each of these bags comes with a little snap closure pouch for an extra snappi, pins paci, or any other small item that often gets lost at the bottom of the bag!
This is a basic medium wetbag in Michael Miller's "Lotus" print.
And last up are three pail liners. The ocean colored one is taken of the inside showing the cotton patch for adding TTO or lavender oil to mask any unwanted smells. The pail liners go in the pail with the shiny PUL side out.

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