Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Gift Set...

I was asked to come up with a gift set for a cloth diapering mama. I enjoyed this project as I would have loved some cloth diaper friendly gifts when my second baby came around. I stuck to fun and funky earthy colors as the gender of baby is a surprise.
This set consists of 1 small basic wetbag, 1 change pad - cotton backed and bamboo topped with hidden layer of PUL, 1 small side snapping pocket diaper with a 4 layer bamboo insert, and 3 small bamboo terry/bamboo velour wipe-ups. This gift set could easily be switched up for a non-cloth using mama as well. Switch the wipe-ups and diaper out for a bib and burp cloth. I think a wetbag would be loved by both cloth and non-cloth mamas. Soiled clothing, messy burp cloths and dirty bibs can really muck up a diaper bag!

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