Thursday, January 29, 2009

What are other Mama's saying about my work?

If you have received a product or service from me, please leave me feedback for other mamas to read. You can leave or read feedback here:
Reviews and Feed Back on: Hyena Cart 
Links to Raves:  Diaper Pail and Change Pad
                            Diapers and Soakers

Feedback given in emails, left on message boards and left in various locations on the web:

"I bought a fitted diaper/fleece cover combo! We love it! The diaper is extremely well made and the bamboo velour is soo soft! It is very cute and the medium fitted fits my daughter very nicely, with room to grow! I really like that there are no snaps on the inserts, so no snaps rub against her skin like other fitteds we've tried. I like the countour of the inserts and the second, smaller insert is perfect for us. With it being half the size of the other insert, it doesn't add any bulk to the bum of the diaper and I put it in the front for added absorbency over night, because my daughter likes to sleep on her belly! The cover is L/XL so it is a bit big on my little girl, but it is still very cute and she will grow into it soon! Thanks so much, Michelle! We'll be back for more stuff soon!" ... Courtney Gieg  (January 2011)

"I bought a pail liner. Love it. Its the perfect size for 2 kids in diapers for 2 days. Price is great and quality is awesome. I really love the added bamboo tab for drops of TTO or EO!!!" ... April (December 2010)

"To everyone out there with babies. I am so proud of anyone that uses cloth diapers for their little one!!!!!!!!! Thanks for saving our environment and your baby is so much healthier! Michelle does an awesome job of making these cloth diapers and I am so happy that you started your business. She is so accommodating in fulfilling orders and helping people. Thanks Michelle and all the best!" ... Oma Theresia, Pierceland, Sk. (September 2010)

"Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you and everyone reading your feedback how wonderful your diapers are! My son has been lucky enough to receive a few of your creations as a gift and they fit him wonderfully! They are beautifully made, so soft (especially the bamboo diapers) and make us feel so good to know we are giving him the very best for diapering. You have a wonderful talent! Thank you!" ... Jen, Saskatoon, SK (August 2010)

"...I also took a pic the other day of the two owl fitteds you made us, mediums.  They are still a little tall in rise for our 11 week, 12 lber, but I'm using them for night time diapers as he's sleeping through the night now and they are SO absorbent  Love the fit!  I can't think of a thing to change on them.  I even like that the soaker is lay-in instead of snap in because I don't like having to touch a mucky diaper to unsnap the soaker before throwing it in the wash."  ...Tiffany (June 2010)

"I just thought I would drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your fitted diapers.  They fitted my DD better and are more absorbent than her SBish ever did.  They are so cute it is a shame she only wears them to sleep.  I hope to get some more in the future." ...Pam (June 2010)

"Michelle made me some great quality trainers and soakers for my little girl. So cute and very well made. She was very accomodating and had great customer service from the moment I first contacted her until the very end when I had to send a few items back for repair which she did a wonderful job can't even tell where it was repaired!!!!"  ...Carey-Anne (May 2010)

"I just had my BumGenius onesize diapers converted to have snaps and I couldn't be happier! They look amazing, they fit perfect, and they are WAY better without the velcro.
Thanks Michelle for doing such a great job and being amazing to work with!"  ... Andrea (April 2010)

"I ordered some custom fleece and wool soakers from Michelle and she did a wonderful job, they are just adorable and my daughter absolutely LOVES them! She also threw in a couple extras because she had so much she was working on that it took a little longer than expected. Thank you so much for those =) I appreciate the communication in letting me know what was happening, I will definitely order again in the future!" ... Amie

"Thanks Michelle! The custom wetbags you made me are awesome, I love having the option of having two bags (one always seems to be in the wash!) and I am excited for trying them out for Ruby's swimming lessons this fall. I am sure it will be great. Thanks again for all your input and the quality products!" ... Marla

"First off, all I have to say is love, love, love my fleece shorties – I used to think wool was the only way to go. Fleece has way less maintenance and my husband will actually use them on the kids. I could never get him to use the wool soakers. I use them as the kids pj bottoms.
My husband now loves you for the pail liner (and recommendation to put the tea tree oil on the tab you sewed in). Now he doesn’t cringe when opening the diaper pail!! ..."Cassandra

"Michelle recently custom made me some wool and fleece longies, and not only was she fabulous to work with, but the pieces were amazing! I am guilty of hyena cart addiction, spending wild amounts on custom slots. Sure wish I had of known about Michelle and A Lovely Start earlier, I would of saved a lot of time looking for the perfect longies! :) Her items were comparable to many high end items I have ordered, her prices were fair, and she is local, so even better! :D If you are a fleece person I highly recommend her!" ... Joelynne

"I just picked up a custom made Hanging Diaper Pail from Michelle yesterday and its beautiful! I almost don't want to put dirty diapers in it :P" ... StinxMom

"Michelle, the boxers that you made for my son are the best thing ever. He is so excited to go to bed in his "fluffy cozy" PJ's that this has not only solved our night time wet bed problem but also our bed time trials. They kept the bed dry all night and he was comfortable too. Now he is so concerned about wetting his nice new pj's that he no longer wets the bed, he gets up to pee and goes straight back to sleep.
As for the trainers you made for my daughter they fit wonderfully. I love the fleece ones and though we have only been using them now for one day we have had no leaks several accidents but at least she feels it every time she goes, so maybe a connection will be made. Thanks again!" ... Shannon

"Michelle made a pair of Dry nights ditto daddy fleece boxers for my 6 year old son. We are still having a problem with peeing every night, and I was tired of buying pull-ups. I think we found the answer. He loves them, and they are very absorbent. Plus, Michelle was great to work with and the quality is excellent." ... Christen

"I recently got my BumGenius onesize diapers converted to snaps and I love them. No more diaper snakes in the washer and no more diapers stuck to the carpet on the stairs - they just fit and stay on so nicely. We also got a trainer which my daughter loves, she always wants to wear her flowered training pants so I guess we will have to get at least one more. Michele was so great to work with and does wonderful work too! Thanks!" ... Debi

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  1. I just had my BumGenius onesize diapers converted to have snaps and I couldn't be happier !
    They look amazing, they fit perfect, and they are WAY better without the velcro.
    Thanks Michelle for doing such a great job and being amazing to work with !