Monday, March 30, 2009

Ooga Booga Beach Pants and Ditto Daddy Girl Boxer Trainers...

I had a fantastic mama request a pair of custom Beach Pants and ohhhh, I am in love with these. These little blue and orange Ooga Booga Beach Pants feature a roll up cuff that snaps securely up to convert longies to board shorts or manpris. They also feature an open pocket because every little boy needs a place to store rocks and bugs and other "boy" stuff. (Sorry the pictures are not the greatest - my hubby has my good camera on a business trip!)

Front of Beach Pants with one leg rolled in a single roll to make "manpris".
Back view, featuring bum pocket with Ooga peeking out!
These adorable little Ditto Daddytm Girl Boxers are done in fleece for some early potty training.
Elephants fleece with button detail mock-fly front and medium absorbency snap-in soaker backed with PUL and topped with bamboo velour.
Candy Strips fleece with snap detail mock-fly front and medium absorbency snap-in soaker backed with Thick fleece and topped with ultra soft microfleece for a stay-dry feel.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Diapers and Stuff for my little ones...

I took a couple days off sewing for others to "clear my desk"! The back of my sewing desk was piled with projects I had started for my babes but not finished. The pile was beginning to overtake my cutting mat, so I got to work getting things done.

Here are pictures of a few of the projects I completed.

Fitted diapers for Tool Boy and Little Miss. I was doing some pattern and fabric testing a while back and had a ton of layers and pieces cut out. I stacked them all up and ended up with 5 diapers. These are made using a variety of fabrics: print flannel, diaper flannel, cotton knits, minky, bamboo fleece, bamboo terry, bamboo velour...and possibly others!
And the inside of one of the yummy bamboo diapers!
Tool boy wanted me to make him some slippers, so here are his Ooga Booga slipper!
And last but not least, Tool Boy wanted to help Mommy make his little friend a pair of slippers with matching undies!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Muno Madness!

This crazy little set was so fun to do! All the embellishments are done with different textures of soft, fluffy minky.
The set includes fleece Longies, fleece and jersey Slippers and a matching jersey T-shirt...
Front of longies:
Back of longies

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some new customs...

I really enjoyed meeting and working with this mama! She has two wonderful babes that I was able to sew up some wears for!

I love how soft this 30" x 30" floor pad is. The perfect place for any babe to snuggle in and have some naked time! It is backed with a fashionable cotton print and topped with squishy sherpa. There is a hidden layer of PUL to make it waterproof and flannel to make it both absorbent and to give a little extra cushion.
What do you do when you still want to have some cute recycled wool for your toddler, but they are to tall to use the sleeves the conventional way? Well, you give them some piratical knee pads, of course! They will come in handy for all the time spent on the floor playing with cars. These are wool longies for a 3 year old boy. I added a three layer knee pad. These would also be great for crawlers!
Here are two pair of Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs done in fleece for early potty training. The inserts are 4 layers of squishy bamboo backed with PUL for extra protection and topped with feel-dry microfleece.This little recycled wool soaker is nightworthy! The soft, felted wool is nice and thick and has an extra layer in the wetzone for added protection.These are four little pair of microfleece "underwear". They will put a full, stay-in-place, feel-dry layer between baby and a fitted diaper. Great for little ones that are extra sensitive to wetness, especially at night.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Exiting News from A Lovely Start! Ditto Daddy Trainers are coming!

I am sooooo excited to announce that I have become licensed to sew and sell items from the Ditto Daddytm product line! Ditto Daddytm products include the adorable Boxer Brief Trainers for boys or girls. I have been making these for my own boy and they are super cute!

Details will be coming soon on products I will be offering.

Here is a sneak peek at some I have sewn!
Cotton knit Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs with 2 snap in soakers for different stages of training.
All fleece Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers with 2 snap in soaker to be used together. The answer to nighttime wetting problems!
Cotton knit Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs
Fleece Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A helping hand...

Recently I made some ity, bity newborn covers for a young mama-to-be expecting twin baby boys in a few months! It is so wonderful to see young women choosing to use cloth diapers! Hooray! I imagine diapering twins will be a bit rough in the start, but oh boy, double the cute fluffy bums!! Oh, how sewing those tiny pieces puts thoughts of newborns back in my head!

Matching fleece longies with QSFW (quick snap flap wrap) diapers. These diapers are so cute and easy. They are made from this free pattern. (Note: this pattern is for personal use and gifts only. You must sign up to view the pattern.)
A tiny pair of small fleece soakers with embellished bums!
Small side snapping wrap style PUL covers with gussets at the legs to catch that newborn poo!
One small printed PUL wrap style cover with leg gusset and one newborn wrap style cover.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wool Sweaters ready to be made into some fabulous wears!

My stash of wool sweaters is piling up! I have lots of ideas but not enough time, so I thought I would post some pictures of the sweaters and offer them up as customs. I can do longies, shorties, soakers and possibly some other cute ideas that have been coming my way. Choose a sweater or color from here, then send me an email with what items you would like, size and measurments. I will reply with pricing and timeline. I also have a bag of wool scraps for embellishments, so send your ideas my way!

Here are the sweaters - all are 100% wool unless noted:
Full Sweaters - can make most items requested, limits on longie length.

a) bluey/lilac - med/thick lambswool
b) pinky/lilac - thick merino
c) pink and orange stripes - med lambswool
d) hunter pattern - super thick
e) light steely blue - lightweight extra fine merino
f) deep blue - med merino
g) rust - med/thick lambswool

Partial Sweaters from previous projects. May not be able to may all wears:

a) deep cherry - thick lambswool
b) hunter green - lightweight merino
c) beige - lightweight merino
d) blue - thick shetland

Some Examples of past recycled wool projects: