Friday, June 11, 2010

Win a wetbag!

Congrats to Lindsie for winning this cute wetbag!

It is time for a little giveaway to thank everyone for their support!

We are giving away a small "Pirate's Life" wetbag  measuring 9.75" x 12" by random draw on Sunday June 13th.

How to enter:
1)Become a fan on my Facebook page and comment where instructed.
2)Leave a review on my Facebook page if you have purchased or used an A Lovely Start item!
3)Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite item is that you have seen on my site.
4)Leave a comment on my "Customer Feedback" post with a review of a product you have purchased or used.

Good Luck!

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Lovely Gift for a Lovely Little Man...

A few weeks ago I did some hand dying for the first time on some wool. (which I have been meaning to post on my blogging to-do list!) It was so fun and seeing the new colors at the end was very rewarding.

I have been dying - pun intended - to try it out on some organic bamboo velour. So when hubby brought my new roll home I couldn't wait to get some color on some. I could not find any fabric-reactive dye locally, so I used a tie dye type dye this time until I have a chance to order some proper dye. I think it turned out quite nice and the dye set up better than I expected. After a couple washes, there is not trace of any color running.

I used turquoise and steel blue dye and 'crinkle' dyed a couple pieces of OBV. Then I sewed the front panel in a patchwork style and attached a solid back to it then top stitched all around. It is the softest squishiest blanket! I sure hope it is loved by the sweet little boy it is on its way too!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A few Wetbags and Pail Liners...

Wetbags and pail liners are a great way to 'handle' your soiled diapers without actually 'handling' them! Pail liners can be placed inside nearly any type of bucket, garbage can or diaper pail to make a great "dry pail" storage system. When baby is changed, simply dump any solids in the toilet then toss the entire diaper in the liner. On laundry day, take the entire liner to the washing machine, dump the diapers and then toss in the bag. Easy Peasy! Be sure to have a second liner on hand for when one is in the wash!
Wetbags are a must have when cloth diapering or for anyone with a baby or toddler. Simply put your soiled diaper in the wetbag and toss it back in your diaper bag. The PUL and zippered top keep moisture and smell contained until you can get home. Unzip the bag and toss the entire thing in the diaper pail or washing machine. A small bag is handy to keep one diaper and a couple wipes in for emergencies - keep one in the diaper bag, one in the car and one at Grandma's! Larger bags are great for daycare or longer outings. And they are awesome to have handy to toss soiled outfits, training pants, bibs and washcloths in when unexpected accidents happen on the go! Don't forget to take them with you to the pool for that wet swimsuit as well!