Monday, June 7, 2010

A Lovely Gift for a Lovely Little Man...

A few weeks ago I did some hand dying for the first time on some wool. (which I have been meaning to post on my blogging to-do list!) It was so fun and seeing the new colors at the end was very rewarding.

I have been dying - pun intended - to try it out on some organic bamboo velour. So when hubby brought my new roll home I couldn't wait to get some color on some. I could not find any fabric-reactive dye locally, so I used a tie dye type dye this time until I have a chance to order some proper dye. I think it turned out quite nice and the dye set up better than I expected. After a couple washes, there is not trace of any color running.

I used turquoise and steel blue dye and 'crinkle' dyed a couple pieces of OBV. Then I sewed the front panel in a patchwork style and attached a solid back to it then top stitched all around. It is the softest squishiest blanket! I sure hope it is loved by the sweet little boy it is on its way too!

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