Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recent Customs...

I just finished up a few custom orders for a great Mama who is lots of fun to work with! These were fun to do - especially the train longies! Tool Boy has his eyes on those, I better get them in the mail quick!
First up is for a medium two-handle hanging wetbag/diaper pail. This has a Michael Miller "Dandy Damask" cotton print outer layer with chocolate brown PUL inside, sewn separately to prevent wicking, and topped with a coordinating beige zipper.
Next are two pair of fleece longies. Both pair feature my grow-with-me cuff. The contrasting cuff is flipped up and stitched in 4 places so it stays put. When your little one hits a growth spurt, the treads can be easily located and snipped to extend the length of the longies by 1 inch to 1.5 inches!
Xlarge Navy fleece longies with choo choo train and airplane embelishments.
Large pink with Candy Stripes and an embellished heart on the leg.
Last but not least, wool longie tights! These feature a sewn in diaper hammock and embellished hearts on the bum and leg.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hanging Diaper Pail...

I had a request from another mama to make an affordable hanging wetbag or hanging diaper pail. She was having a tough time finding one that had snapping two handles or straps so she could hang it neatly on her change table. Hanging wetbags are commonly made with one handle that can be looped over a doorknob. I had been thinking of this idea before so I was excited to have a reason to create!!

So here it is, the two handle hanging wetbag/diaper pail! I love how it turned out and it looks so good hanging on my daughters change table, I may have to sew up another to live at our house! It is great to hang on a change table, a clothes bar in the closet or a towel bar in the bathroom.

Just like all my wetbags, these have a cotton outer layer and a waterproof PUL inner layer sewn separately to prevent moister from wicking onto the cotton and a zipper closure to keep odours in the bag.

I also made a 'mini' version as a prototype and I actually really like it as well. It is great to hang in the main floor bathroom for those time when you need a quick change. The front pouch can hold a few wipe and some wipe spray or even a small diaper. I especially would have use this when I had a newborn in the house and didn't want to run up to the nursery every change.
I also love to use it in the kitchen for all my wipe-up cloths and soiled kitchen clothes.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Converting G-diapers from velcro to snaps...

Some may love velcro, but I am not a big fan of it! I use snaps on most of the projects I do. Velcro does have its benifits; it is great for daycare, sitters, Daddies and Grandparents. I have some velcro diapers that I have bought and if those laundry tabs are not pressed down solid, they let go and stick to whatever they can! So if I have the choice... its snaps all the way!

Apparently I am not alone...
I converted some G-diapers to snaps for a sweet mama. She is really happy with them and is sending more my way!
These are old style, medium little g-pants. They now have three snap settings on them instead of velcro.

Here is a large little g pant I converted and added black snaps! I think it looks really cool all black!

Thinking about Potty Training...

So Tool Boy is almost 2 and a half years old now and I've got potty training on the brain! I bought this great pattern for Ditto Daddy boxers to start sewing up some training pants. These are the cutest things ever! They look like Daddy's boxers but have a soaker pad in them that you can snap in when needed, and then when they are trained, leave it out and wear the boxers as underwear! How clever! I bought the boy and girl patterns so I could sew some up for Little Miss as well.
These are neat since you can customize the absorbency for day or night and have different levels of absorbent soakers for the same underwear just by changing the soaker pad. The soaker pad can be backed with water resistant PUL to help keep clothes a little dryer in case of accidents. They can be made from cotton knit to really look and feel like underwear, or to give some extra wetness protection, the outer layer can be fleece or wool.
I have made a few pair now and am very pleased with how they are coming together!

These a cute pair of the Boxer Briefs in cotton knit Fighter Jet print.
Ditto Daddy Boxer Briefs
A couple pair of all fleece Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers with double inserts. These are for nighttime or for just getting started with training when the accidents are often!
Ditto Daddy Boxers
And of course, an action shot! Here is Tool Boy in his ChooChoo boxer style training pants! He really thinks he is a big boy now!
Tool Boy in his Big Boy Boxers

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wetbags! Not just for cloth diapers...

I have been having fun sewing up some wetbags lately. These are used in the Cloth Diaper world to hold your soiled diapers when you are out and about.
But that is not all... these are a cute and unique shower/baby gift for those who do not use cloth as well. Have you ever been out and your baby has a major blowout, soiling their entire outfit? Or in a public place that does not have a garbage for your dirty diaper? A wetbag is great to have in your diaper bag to keep the messes contained! It is reusable, takes up about the same space a couple plastic bags would and it is cute! They are also great for the pool or beach, put wet bathing suits in or keep clothes and other items dry.

All my wetbags are sewn with a cotton outer and PUL inner. The layers are sewn separately to prevent wicking of the inner moisture onto the cotton outer from occurring.

I call this one the Grab 'n Go Wet/Dry Bag! One side has a zipper closure and is lined with PUL, a water resistant fabric, and the other side has snap closure and is lined with cotton. The two sides snap together at the top. Keep clean diapers, wipes, and wipe spray in the cotton side and stuff soiled diapers in the PUL side. This bag is great to keep handy with clean supplies to grab in a hurry or keep one in the car. You can toss a snack in there and leave the diaper bag at home!

Grab 'n Go in "Women's Heart Health" advocacy cotton print.
A look into the bag to see the lining.
Two sides unsnapped and opened up.
This one is a basic medium sized wetbag with a front pouch to hold wipes and spray.
I call this print "Butterfly Frenzy"

Basic small wetbag in "Lotus".