Monday, February 2, 2009

Wetbags! Not just for cloth diapers...

I have been having fun sewing up some wetbags lately. These are used in the Cloth Diaper world to hold your soiled diapers when you are out and about.
But that is not all... these are a cute and unique shower/baby gift for those who do not use cloth as well. Have you ever been out and your baby has a major blowout, soiling their entire outfit? Or in a public place that does not have a garbage for your dirty diaper? A wetbag is great to have in your diaper bag to keep the messes contained! It is reusable, takes up about the same space a couple plastic bags would and it is cute! They are also great for the pool or beach, put wet bathing suits in or keep clothes and other items dry.

All my wetbags are sewn with a cotton outer and PUL inner. The layers are sewn separately to prevent wicking of the inner moisture onto the cotton outer from occurring.

I call this one the Grab 'n Go Wet/Dry Bag! One side has a zipper closure and is lined with PUL, a water resistant fabric, and the other side has snap closure and is lined with cotton. The two sides snap together at the top. Keep clean diapers, wipes, and wipe spray in the cotton side and stuff soiled diapers in the PUL side. This bag is great to keep handy with clean supplies to grab in a hurry or keep one in the car. You can toss a snack in there and leave the diaper bag at home!

Grab 'n Go in "Women's Heart Health" advocacy cotton print.
A look into the bag to see the lining.
Two sides unsnapped and opened up.
This one is a basic medium sized wetbag with a front pouch to hold wipes and spray.
I call this print "Butterfly Frenzy"

Basic small wetbag in "Lotus".

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