Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wool Sweaters ready to be made into some fabulous wears!

My stash of wool sweaters is piling up! I have lots of ideas but not enough time, so I thought I would post some pictures of the sweaters and offer them up as customs. I can do longies, shorties, soakers and possibly some other cute ideas that have been coming my way. Choose a sweater or color from here, then send me an email with what items you would like, size and measurments. I will reply with pricing and timeline. I also have a bag of wool scraps for embellishments, so send your ideas my way!

Here are the sweaters - all are 100% wool unless noted:
Full Sweaters - can make most items requested, limits on longie length.

a) bluey/lilac - med/thick lambswool
b) pinky/lilac - thick merino
c) pink and orange stripes - med lambswool
d) hunter pattern - super thick
e) light steely blue - lightweight extra fine merino
f) deep blue - med merino
g) rust - med/thick lambswool

Partial Sweaters from previous projects. May not be able to may all wears:

a) deep cherry - thick lambswool
b) hunter green - lightweight merino
c) beige - lightweight merino
d) blue - thick shetland

Some Examples of past recycled wool projects:

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