Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been a busy summer!

Summer has been busy this year! My precious daughter, Little Miss, turned 1 years old in July. She is a growing concern, that one! Especially as she is learning from and trying to keep up to her big brother, Tool Boy, who will be 3 years old in a couple weeks. The children, along with a traveling hubby, my yard, garden, and canning have kept me hopping, but I have still been able to get some sewing time in the evenings when the babes have been all tucked in! Here are a few of the custom orders and projects I have had on the go in the past couple weeks...

I made a couple more pairs of Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers for a really sweet mama. She has been using these for her oldest son for about 6 months now and has said they work great. I now have to get to completing some for her 3.5 year old daughter!
These adorable little recycled wool longies are posted in my Instock Items. They were just sitting on my desk begging to be completed! The medium weight wool on these is really nice.
This cute pair of Ditto Daddy Briefs with hidden PUL were made for a great mama for her daughter who is learning night control. She wanted 'panties' to wear with her nighties rather than boxers.
A dozen BGOS got a little rehab! Bye Bye Velcro, Hello Snaps! Have I mentioned, I love snaps! :)
A couple of fleece soakers for a very patient mama! I sure hope you like them!
These are some custom wool soakers. A cute little sock monkey bum and the other in great fall colors to go with the season!
Two more recycled wool soakers. My sweater stash is very much boyish colored right now with a few gender neutral selections in there. I am on the hunt this fall for a few more girly ones!
And last but by all means not least, a pair of cotton pajama pants with dump trucks and cement mixers for Tool Boy! My children are in desperate need of some Fall/Winter items, so I will be sneaking those in where I can!

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