Monday, August 24, 2009

Soft and Squishy Bamboo Diapers...

Quick Dry Fitted with Targeted Wetness Control
Update (March 7, 2010):  Testers have returned some great feedback!  Round 2 of these fabulous diapers has begun with a few going out already and a few in use in my stash.  The improvements have made these diapers the favorite in my fitted stash!  Check out the newest edition of the Quick Dry Fitted with Targeted Wetness Control in this post!
Over the past several months, I have had a number of requests for bamboo fitted diapers. I want to be sure the items I sell are items I believe in, have tried, and would use, so my two little monkeys became my testers once again! I worked on creating a diaper that took into account the things that are important to me: maximum absorbency where needed, reduce bum bulk, quick dry, and maximum stretch to improve fit. So was born the Quick Dry Fitted with Targeted Wetness Control!I prefer a sized diaper. I just can't do the one sized diaper on an itty bitty and I find that many one sized diapers I have tried, are no longer a good fit for my 30 pound three year old who is still in diapers. So I have come up with 3 sizes of fitteds: newborn/small, medium, and large. My medium diaper is the first one I am testing. I have been quite happy with the range of fit and I am looking forward to some testers with different sized babies to try this one. I estimate it to fit from about 15 - 27 pounds. These fit my 22 pound, 13 month old daughter with plenty of smaller settings and they also fit my skinny, 32 pound, 3 year old son on the biggest setting.
These diapers consist of a cotton knit outer layer and bamboo velour inner. The hidden layers differ: Style 1 is cotton rib which helps maximize stretch for a great fit. Style 2 has bamboo fleece as the hidden layer which increases the absorbency of the diaper body, but reduces stretch slightly and will have a slightly longer drying time. Both come with a full soaker and a targeted doubler - each made from 3-layers of bamboo (2 fleece and one velour). The targeted doubler is meant to fit under the full soaker in the spot you need it most - up front for boys, middle for girls. This reduces the extra padding in the bum area yet still offers great absorbency!
Tester Diapers are all spoken for and are hopefully getting some love in their new homes! I am anxiously awaiting feedback from my testers!

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