Sunday, December 27, 2009

Diapers! Bamboo Fitteds and some Itty Bitty's...

I have some requests for diapers and my own stash desperately needs a few new diapers as well. Some diapers flew out the door before I photographed them and some are all cut and still waiting to be sewn. But I do have a sampling of some of them here.

After getting a bit of feedback from my first round of tester fitteds that went out this summer, I have made a few modifications to the medium Quick Dry Fitted. I am working on another run of these squishy soft diapers. I have completed half a dozen, 3 for orders - 3 for my tiny princess! The elastics are a bit looser and softer than the first run, the soaker and doubler have been modified as well. The doubler is just up front, but it is a bit wider for more coverage. The soaker is now the same width at the front and back for better coverage as well.

Multi Owls and Pink/Lime Girly Ooga Booga Quick Dry Fitted Bamboo Diapers. I don't think you can see in this picture, but the brown snaps have adorable little owls engraved on them!
Inside of the Quick Dry Fitted. This picture shows the new and improved soaker and targeted doubler! Notice all snap caps are hidden so only soft velour is against your baby's delicate skin.
The first six improved fitted diapers all together.
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Now that I think I am ironing out my Medium Quick Dry Fitted pattern quite nicely, I decided to try out a couple Newborn fitted diapers! These two little diapers are not Quick Dry - they have a 3-4 layer hidden sewn-in soaker for quick and easy newborn changes. I did not make doublers for these as they have a total of 6-7 layers, which should be enough for the frequent changes a newborn baby requires. I did a front snapping closure with umbilical snap down and a side snapping closure diaper. The sizing on these should be about 6 - 16 pounds, but I still need to test them out a little to know for sure.

Here the two newborn diapers are pictured beside a medium Quick Dry Fitted.
Newborn front snapping and side snapping fitteds with sewn in soakers.
Inside of the front snapping newborn size diaper with umbilical snap down.
Inside of the side snapping fitted diaper. Notice all snap caps are hidden so only soft velour is against your baby's delicate skin.
And last but not least, some adorable side snapping Itty Bitty Pocket Diapers! These are just the smallest and most adorable little diapers. They fit from approximately 5 - 15 pounds. I had over a dozen of these, but sold all the girly ones and a few others, before I had time to photograph them. Oops! These diapers come with a new and improved, perfect fit, super thirsty insert.
Check for some of these to be listed soon on my instock page here or on my facebook page!
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