Sunday, December 27, 2009

Newborn Diapering...

First and foremost:

The past month or so has been busy with Christmas prep, family craziness, and trying to get some orders finished up as well. Now that my sweet hubby has revived our computer network and I can once again access my pictures and such, I will try to catch up on posts of all the new things I have been working on around here!

I finally completed an order for a wonderful (and patient) mama who is due with her 4th baby on the 8th of January. She has cloth diapered two of her children but this is the first baby she is planning to diaper right from newborn! Yay! She is keeping baby's gender a surprise, so we did up a dozen Newborn/Small pocket diapers. These diapers should fit approximately 6 - 15 lbs.

This set of one dozen pocket diapers is complete with a dozen zorb/bamboo inserts, 4 terry towel tri-folds that can be used as either insert doublers or large wipes, 4 two-layer microfiber doubler inserts, half a dozen fleece liners and one dozen bamboo velour/bamboo terry wipe-ups. (I forgot to take pictures of all the extras, oops!)
We also made a medium sized two-handle hanging diaper pail with matching change pad for her main floor bathroom.
And one more change pad. Both pads are constructed from an attractive cotton print outer, hidden waterproof PUL, hidden flannel for a little extra softness and absorbency, then topped with soft and cozy molten fleece.

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