Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fabulous Wetbags Sets...

I recently finished up some custom wetbags and wetbag sets for some wonderful mamas! Since my customs wait time has been quite long this summer, I decided to do up some multiples of some of these and put them in my Instock Items. If you are looking for a cute gift set or a new wetbag for yourself, go take a peek and see if there is something you like ready to ship!

This set was a custom for a new mama looking for an everyday wetbag and cute pool/beach option all in one! We came up with this set. It includes 2 wetbags which are mirror images of each other. The bags may be used individually or as a set. Each bag has a row of snaps at the top and one at the bottom to attach the bags securely together. This set also includes a PUL lined snapping pouch to keep track of the little things. Keep a few damp wipes in there or use it to keep hair clips, bank card or money dry at the pool. Each wetbag is lined with PUL to keep wetness contained or dry items dry!
Two bags all snapped up! The double handles are great to attach to a towel bar, stroller handle, change table or anywhere for easy access!
These sets include a generous sized wetbag and a matching wipes bag.
All wetbags have strong zipper closures to keep smells trapped inside and PUL lining sewn separately to prevent moisture from wicking out of the bag.
This set of 3 bags will fit 1-2 diapers each. They are perfect to keep individually packed in your diaper bag with a diaper and a couple wipes in each. Then when you are out, you can just grab one out of the diaper bag and head to the washroom for a quick and easy change. Take out the clean one, put back to soiled one and you are ready to go! Nice and neat and clean!

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