Sunday, August 30, 2009

A gift set and some odds and ends...

I was pretty excited to cut into my Michael Miller "Rustic Guitars" fabric for this custom wetbag/change pad gift set. I started with the change pad and ended up with something wonderful, but when I went to work on the wetbag, I realized I had overdone it with the size of the change pad! The set is meant to have a wetbag with a pocket that neatly holds a change pad for when you are out and about. So I went back to the cutting mat and created a reversible change pad that was travel size - not home size!

I love how this set turned out! This picture shows the set opened up with the corner flipped to reveal the coordinating Rock'n'Roll fabric.
All packed up and ready to go! There is enough room left in the pocket to stuff a couple wipes as well.
And here is the first reversible change pad. It is pretty cute, though it has some slightly crooked stitching around the edge. Nothing that will effect performance though. Not sure yet if I am going to keep this one or post it in my Instock Items or make a set with it...hmmmmm
I had a mama purchase some Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers with Beefed-up inserts and doublers from me a little while back. She loves them and needed some more so she found some gently loved ones and scoped them up. The only problem was the inserts were not enough for her heavy night wetter. We came up with a Beefed-up doubler insert to work with her single snapping boxers. Hopefully these will keep her son leak-free and sleeping soundly!
And last but not least, a cute little fleece soaker for sweet mama!

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