Monday, September 14, 2009

This week's labours...

This week we returned from a beautiful weekend camping and prepared for a wonderfully fun 3rd birthday party for my sweet Tool Boy. But I did manage to squeeze in a few orders.

First up are 8 Bum Genius All-In-Ones and 1 Bum Genius One Size that were in need of a little TLC. Their tired velcro was replaced with some great snaps! I had lots if fun putting together some cute snap color combonations on these diapers.
This is an All Day size wetbag and zippered wipes pouch created for a sweet mama for daycare use.
I created a couple sets of tester inserts for G-diapers. These 3 inserts each have a different combination: Microfleece/microfiber/hemp, Microfleece/Zorb/hemp, bamboo fleece/bamboo fleece/bamboo velour.
I also started to create a wool-in-one for my little girl to use for nighttime. I used a nice thick sweater for the outer layer and a soft thinner merino wool sweater for the inner layer to combine for a bullet proof night solution. The only problem is, Tool Boy got ahold of it before I could finish it up and decided that it shoud be his. So the snap-in bamboo insert has been left out and it is now a wool snap wrap for my son. I will have to find a pick sweater to make one for Little Miss as Tool Boy will not let pink near him!

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  1. I'm fascinated I by the bumGenius snap conversions. I own a cloth diaper shop in Hamilton, Ontario ( and I am considering buying a snap press so that my customers can convert their worn-out applix covers into snap covers. Any advice on what snap press to buy...where to buy it...what size snaps to use? Anything would be helpful, I feel lost in the world of snaps!

    Also, your creations are adorable! Let me know if you'd ever consider selling wholesale to a shop in Hamilton! ;)