Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teeny Tiny PREEMIE Diapers!

When my daughter was born, we were expecting a very tiny peanut, so I whipped up some very tiny diapers - in a hurry! Well, she shocked us all and entered this world a whopping 6 pounds - about 2 pounds bigger then we expected! She did fit her little diapers for a few weeks, but never on the smallest settings.

Well last week I was overjoyed to find out that her tiny stash would be put to use. A very sweet mama brought her tiny preemie baby boy home at about 4 pounds and really needed some diapers to fit his teeny bottom. And she was kind enough to share some pictures of her tiny little boy!

So without further ado...

...4 and 1/2 pounds of teeny tiny love!
To give you an idea of how tiny these diapers really are...
This picture is the fitted stash I had created. Notice the Iced Tea can in the center!
Here are some of the pockets pictured with my hand. The one he is wearing in the picture is the top left. I added a couple extra snaps and a crossover snap before sending it off to her. Glad I did!

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