Friday, July 10, 2009

Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Fleece Boxers!

I've been working on some more Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers for older childern lately. These are a wonderful option for older childern that can not stay dry through the night yet. I have been learning how common this is especially in boys. These Boxers give them a cloth option that really gives them confidence because they look just like they are wearing jammies and they really work!

These Boxers work so well because they have an inner fleece trainer that fits snug and holds the insert against the child's body to prevent leaks. The roomy outer fleece boxer gives them a Big Boy look while offering a second layer of protection against leaks. An optional third layer of protection is given when the insert is backed with PUL. These can accommodate even the heaviest wetters when they use the "beefed up" night insert and doubler. Yes the can become a bit bulky, but they are for overnight.

With the soft fleece body and velour topped insert, even with the extra bulk, these boxers are very comfortable. In the words of one little boy that wears them, "They are so soft! Feel them!"

This is a pair of 4T Dry Nights Ditto Daddy Boxers.
This is showing the comparison of inserts. The 1st is the "Beefed-up" night time insert. The 2nd is the regular insert used in the Boxer Briefs and Dry Nights Boxers. The 3rd insert is used in the Briefs and in Daytime Boxers.
The above pair of boxers has two rows of snap to accommodate two insert. The double insert option for heavy wetters combines the "Beefed-up" insert and the regular Briefs insert and stacks them up for the ultimate protection.

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