Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy Busy Busy...

Thought I should get a post up of some of the latest things happening at A Lovely Start and share some pictures with you! My FaceBook page has been buzzing lately with new products and giveaways! I know some of you don't have a FB account, so I need to hold a giveaway over here on the poor neglected blog. Tell you what, if I get 100 follows over here, I will hold a giveaway over here! *wink*

News: March 4th is my guest appearance on Bitty Fluff! I have so much to do for that stocking and I think I still need to confirm my place with them. The time sure gets away on me!

What I have been sewing up:
Wool Footies Gift Set

Lots of Super Soft Deluxe Waterproof Change Pads

A bunch of multisize diapers. These come in two sizes, Size 1 (NB/s/m) and Size 2 (m/l/xl)

Some more Appliqued longies

And there is so much more going on right now! Will try to post some more really soon!

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